WordPress.com Posting UI

John Roberts made some observations about the new WordPress.com posting interface. He mentioned that the use of plus/minus signs to signify collapsible options was pretty common. But I wonder if there might be people out there who don’t find it that obvious?

I can think of two ways to improve the interface. First, make the entire header clickable, not just the toggle icon. This might be easier said than done, however, because the header would then need to distinguish between click and drag actions. The second improvement would be to add some sort of hilighting when the mouse hovers over the option titles. A highlight with fade on the icon itself would probably be enough to attract attention without being obnoxious.

The New Soapbox

So. Here I am. The proud owner of a new WordPress.com blog.

What shall I do with it? Post once then let it languish, unattended and unloved? Write poetry? Rant and rave about the current state of affairs in the world?

Only time will tell…


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